Yoga is a journey.

 Where do you want to go?

Strength without rigidity, flexibility without instability.

Alertness without tension, relaxation without dullness.

Lisa’s YOGA classes use breath combined with movement to enhance the mind, body
connection. Various sequences with standing or lying postures are used. A seated
breathing practice may be part of the class. Benefits of practice can include
improved energy levels, clarity of mind, or a sense of well-being.

I met Lisa 4 years ago when I joined her Pilates class as a complete novice. Over a period of 14 months, her enthusiasm, expertise and patience encouraged me to achieve a level of exercise which I would have previously believed impossible for me. I thoroughly enjoyed Pilates but now attend Lisa’s yoga class which is another new experience. After only a few weeks I am already noticing huge improvements in my posture, breathing and general well-being and look forward to my weekly sessions. Thank you Lisa!

 Comment from a student